Distinguished and globally experienced DSC experts offer services to schools, non-profits, businesses, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, and community groups.

Our team offers adept researchers who have the rare capacity to assess our findings, understand their meaning, and communicate them effectively to academicians, business leaders, educators, students, and everyday people.  All of us are keenly aware of, and have deep interests in, many aspects of our culture.  We are outspoken, resourceful, and enterprising diversity and inclusion gurus, who are uniquely suited to help your organization. We are particularly adept at communicating comfortably and effectively with people from many walks of life.  We are professional and collegial, and we do whatever it takes—putting in countless hours—in an effort to produce the best work possible.  Not surprisingly, we are devoted to issues that affect the everyday lives of people, particularly those who have been rendered marginal by virtue of their race, class, and gender.  We have all of the skills and bona fides required and since attitude reflects leadership, we are as diverse as we advise our clients to be.

  • Privilege, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • College and Career Readiness
  • African American History & Life
  • Men, Boys & Advocating for Gender Equality
  • Youth Life Skills & Enrichment
  • Black & Latino Relations
  • Community Activism & Relations
  • Civil & Human Rights
  • Social Movements & Justice
  • Health Disparities
  • Energy Policies and Poverty
  • Cultural Competency
Culture Quest
“The team at Diamond Strategies are proven and decorated leaders in helping businesses, non-profits, and educators understand and operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion.”
Jelani Cobb, Historian, New York Times editor, & Author
Dr. Whitaker partnered with our Office of Faith and Justice for two years, and he had a tremendous impact on our staff and students. He was extremely gracious in helping our students and faculty learn more about the historical and contemporary relevance of race relations in Phoenix. We are better for having worked with him and we look forward to doing so again.
Bob Ryan, Principal, Brophy College Preparatory
Diamond Strategies diversity and cultural competency consultations helped revolutionize the way that we conceive of corporate equity and inclusion approaches in Arizona and beyond.
Dr. Jeremy I. Levitt, President, The Levitt Group, LLC.