Diamond Strategies consultants are distinguished and globally experienced diversity and inclusion experts, offering services to schools, non-profits, corporations, faith-based organizations, municipalities, and community groups.

“Diamond Strategies gets it.  Organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion are not only moral imperatives, they are requisites for all healthy and profitable businesses and organizations in the 21st century.”
Alvin R. Heggs, General Manager/Dealer Principle, Superstition Springs Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram
“Dr. Matthew Whitaker’s leadership and dedication to D&I has been life changing for the many students, educators, civic leaders, and businesses fortunate enough to have worked with him. He and Diamond Strategies are agents of understanding and reconciliation amongst the multitude of voices who chip away at peace by devaluing cultural competency.  Above all, I am proud to be a friend of Dr. Whitaker and Diamond Strategies.”
Charles Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, AllAboutPeople, Inc.
“Dr. Matthew Whitaker is a true leader in helping communities through conflict, misunderstanding and bias. His training programs, community meetings and speeches move people to places they couldn’t come to alone. He promotes diversity and inclusion in ways that truly bring people together. He heals. He teaches. He brings out the best in all of us. I highly recommend Diamond Strategies and Dr. Whitaker’s work.”
Sheila Kloefkorn, CEO/President, KEO Marketing Inc Founder, Competitive Arizona
“The team Dr. Whitaker has assembled at Diamond Strategies is unsurpassed in it’s knowledge, ability to bridge cultural gaps, and willingness to engage and support community. From ‘turning around’ schools and college and career readiness, to recruiting and retaining inclusive talent, to addressing health disparities, police and community relations to bullying, this firm is our go-to partner ‘across the pond.'”
Lisa Robinson, Founder and Owner, Bright Ideas Nottingham, United Kingdom

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