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The Quest is Complete!

Diamond Strategies hosts Culture Quest for aspiring and established leaders. Thomas McDonald of Brophy College Preparatory, and Anastacia Whitaker of Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, discuss the ways in which diversity and cultural competency fuel innovation. On Saturday, June 24th, Diamond Strategies hosted its "Understanding Culture and Building Community" Culture Quest for aspiring and established leaders.  Held in the new and centrally located CityScape office tower, our Culture Quests are premier and intimate diversity, equity, and inclusion training opportunities for students, administrators, employees, managers, executives, and thought leaders, in the government, non-profit, corporate, education, and healthcare sectors. Culture Quests were forged to offer organizations and community members robust explorations into [...]

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Only 5 Days Until the June 24th Culture Quest. Sign Up Today!

Cropped view of four women's eyes from different countries (iStock) Culture Quests Summer 2017 Saturday, June 24, 2017 (8:00am to 12:00 PM) "Inspiring, Achieving, and Celebrating Inclusion" “Take delight in the essential differences between cultures.  Learn that differences are a delight,not something to fear.” ~ Gene Roddenberry Sign up TODAY! Only 5 Days Until the Quest Begins! Continental Breakfast and Parking Validation Included Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser Diamond Strategies enables individuals and organizations to expand their horizons, and enhance their diversity and inclusion efforts, with timely, dynamic, solutions-based learning, in a C-Suite setting. Designed for professionals and non-traditional learners who wish to remain [...]

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Alvin "Big Al" Heggs is a former American professional basketball player.  Born in Jacksonville, Florida, he attended Florida Community College and the University of Texas, before playing for the NBA Houston Rockets and two teams in the CBA.  Heggs has distinguished himself, however, as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and leaders in the U.S., and is the embodiment of the kind of intelligence, character, creativity, passion, and determination that lies within our urban landscapes.  He is the owner of Superstition Springs Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Mesa, Arizona (one of only two Black principal owners of such a dealer ship west of Texas-the other being former NBA great, Karl Malone), [...]

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MCUVO!CE Editor-in-Chief Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker Interviewed by Rowdy Duncan on Inclusive Activism

Rowdy Duncan is the Founder and Host of Inclusion Activism on Apple Podcasts. Diamond Strategies' Founder and CEO, Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker discusses life, personal leadership, diversity, and inclusion, in this engaging interviewed (Part 1 of 3) with Rowdy Duncan on Inclusive Activism on Apple Podcasts. INCLUSIVE ACTIVISM - This is Inclusive Activism Podcast – It comes from the idea love is an action word. We don’t just want to be enlightened to the reality of “ism” we want to DO something about it. To get active in the community and to learn about how to keep our learning ongoing. We never want to stop learning The purpose of the [...]

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Dr. Matthew Whitaker Joins MCUVO!CE as Partner and Editor-in-Chief

This article is re-posted here with permission from MCU VO!CE. Editor's Voice By Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D. My interviewing Aaron McGruder, cartoonist, screenwriter, director, and visionary creator of The Boondocks and Black Jesus. Photo: Personal Collection I am pleased to announce that I have joined the trailblazing and visionary team at as a partner and Editor-in-Chief of MCU VO!CE.  MCU VO!CE is the narrative platform of MyClickUrban, our "Grio," or storytelling, praise singing, poetic and melodic soul. is the best mobile solution for your urban lifestyle agenda. Our app, website, and VO!CE, are the convenient “go to” destinations for urbanites “on the go.” MCU VO!CE relaunches today under [...]

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10 Essential Readings for Women’s History Month

From the Diamond Strategies Team Women are not monolithic and neither is their history.  In honor of Women's History Month, therefore, we have assembled a list of 10 of our favorite readings in women's history.  These books, listed in no particular order, reflect the dynamism, devastation, anger, activism, joy, and diverse texture of experiences these remarkable women set forth for our posterity. This is not a list of what we consider to be the best books in women’s history.  Rather, it reflects the chronological, regional, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, and the poignant and profound stories, of women whose voices and legacies should be uplifted.  We hope that you will share this list [...]

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Diversity and Inclusion: A “Business Case” Postmortem

By Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D. "The business case" was rarely if ever mentioned by activists, educators and politicians, while calling for our national holidays and heritage months, such as our current Black History Month, but corporations have found ways of leveraging these moral imperatives on behalf of profitability.  How many of you saw the recent barrage of culturally conscious Super Bowl LI commercials?  Corporate America didn't spend 4.5 million dollars for each, elaborate, thirty-second Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) statement, to boost their “street cred” or increase their chances of getting into heaven.  Goodwill had to factor into the equation, but altruism no doubt took a back seat to analytics that confirmed that [...]

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