What is Diversity? What is Equity? What is Inclusion? How do you, as Diamond Strategies does, “Inspire, Achieve, and Celebrate” them?

These are critically important questions that must be answered during this period of constant demographic change and social transition. They must be answered because human beings, our institutions, and our organizations, have to understand, embrace, and operationalize them in order for us to engender and nurture mutual respect, teamwork, peace, productivity, and prosperity.

Our Diamond Strategies team of experts can define, contextualize, and help operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion for you. We do so through keynote addresses and highly effective training and facilitation that includes structural diagnosis, strategic planning, one-on-one coaching, workshops, Community Network Development, and industry-leading Training-of-Trainers (TOT) and Interest-Based Resolution (IBR).

Training of Trainers (TOT) – Is designed for leaders and emerging-leaders to train others about the exigencies of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the nature and efficacy of anti-racism, and how to engage in difficult dialogues with awareness, knowledge, sensitivity, and confidence. Sample curricula and requirements for participation can be provided upon request. Diamond Strategies tethers our TOT work with our partners’ missions and goals to create sustainable regimens of training that will eventually be run by and through their own internal D&I structures and/or through new offices of diversity, equity, and inclusion and/or D&I councils the DSC can help create for you.

  • Interest-Based Resolution (IBR) – is highly effective model for facilitating the organizational direction of our clients. Participants learn and practice the model to enhance, streamline, and integrate more transparent and efficient decision-making, problem solving and conflict resolution into their organization. The IBR model results in:
  • Increased understanding. Going through the process of resolving conflict expands people’s awareness, and gives them an insight into how they can achieve their goals without undermining others.
  • Better group cohesion. When you resolve conflict effectively, team members can develop stronger mutual respect, and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.
  • Improved self-knowledge. Conflict pushes individuals to examine their goals and expectations closely, helping them to understand the things that are most important to them, sharpening their focus, and enhancing their effectiveness.

Development of a Community Network (DCN) — Healthy and effective organizations, especially Title I educational institutions in majority minority urban environs, must be culturally competent and they much develop effective conflict resolution strategies and protocols. For example, when situations and racially charged tragedies occur, our clients must understand how they effect their employee’s and student’s families and communities, and be poised to respond in ways that are informed, culturally sensitive, and judicious. Diamond Strategies is uniquely experienced and prepared to help you respond in real time, in informed, sensitive, and constructive ways as a unified network of experts who care. Diamond Strategies’ subject matter experts will be available to consult with leaders and employees to develop protocols, analytical skills and capacity to ensure curricula and pedagogy are designed to most effectively meet the needs of your organization.

SOURCE: Our TOT, IBR, and DCN work is adopted and adapted from the National Coalition Building Institute, “Train-the-Trainer Seminar,” and Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), “Maximizing Our Strengths as an Inclusive Community (MOSAIC),”, which was created by Diamond Strategies’ Senior Vice President for Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning, Training, and Mediation, Rory Gilbert.

“Dr. Matthew Whitaker partnered with the Cartwright School District #83 to support our 8th grade college and career ready innovation.  He was an outstanding keynote speaker and mentor for or students, parents and staff. He and Diamond Strategies are passionate and skillful in supporting students from diverse backgrounds as they seek to fulfill their college and career dreams!
Dr. LeeAnn A Lawlor, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Cartwright School District
Dr. Matthew Whitaker is a visionary.  I appreciate his deep knowledge of history and all aspects of diversity & inclusion.  He is and his team are knowledge experts!  Best wishes to Dr. Whitaker and those who work with Diamond Strategies, LLC.
Dr. Joel P. Martin, CEO, Triad West, Inc.
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