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DSC’s Culture Quests enable organizations and community members to augment their formal education and D&I efforts and expand their horizons, with robust inquiry-based learning that we bring to you. Situated in classroom-like settings, DSC experts will help you explore various peoples and cultures at times that compliment your busy schedule.

Designed for professionals, non-tradition learners, and community members, who wish to become culturally competent and up-to-speed with the most advanced knowledge in several thematic areas, without the inconvenience of enrolling in traditional college courses, Culture Quest is your opportunity to learn from top scholars and practitioners in familiar, intimate, and convenient settings.  Our Culture Quest topics have and will include “What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” “Black History and Life,” “Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline,” “Hip Hop and American Culture,” and “Color: The History of LGBTQ America.”

Culture Quest inspires and facilitates enhanced knowledge of and appreciation for various cultures, promotes mutual respect, energizes participants, and increases productivity, community service, and civic participation.

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“Linking the business case for diversity and inclusion is no longer a novelty. Most corporations know that diversity is critical for legitimacy, innovation and growth. However, forging diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces that are tethered to the communities in which they reside, continues to be challenging for corporate leaders. Dr. Whitaker and Diamond Strategies have proven that they can answer the call to demystify diversification, connect with leaders and employees, and help move the proverbial needle.”
Angela Booker, City of Mesa Martin Luther King Holiday Celebration Board President and Equal Opportunity Specialist
  • American Latino/a
  • Asian-Pacific Islanders
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Cultural Competency
  • LGBT History and Life
  • Mexican American History and Life
  • Modern Black America
  • Multi-Racial America
  • Native American History and Life
  • Slavery and Emancipation
  • Sports and Society