Transformational Leadership and the 10 Ps

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10 Essential Readings for Women’s History Month

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From the Diamond Strategies Team Women are not monolithic and neither is their history.  In honor of Women's History Month, therefore, we have assembled a list of 10 of our favorite readings in women's history.  These books, listed in no particular order, reflect the dynamism, devastation, anger, activism, joy, and diverse texture of experiences these remarkable women set forth for our posterity. This is not a list of what we consider to be the best books in women’s history.  Rather, it reflects the chronological, regional, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, and the poignant and profound stories, of women whose voices and legacies should be uplifted.  We hope that you will share this list [...]

Diversity and Inclusion: A “Business Case” Postmortem

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By Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D. "The business case" was rarely if ever mentioned by activists, educators and politicians, while calling for our national holidays and heritage months, such as our current Black History Month, but corporations have found ways of leveraging these moral imperatives on behalf of profitability.  How many of you saw the recent barrage of culturally conscious Super Bowl LI commercials?  Corporate America didn't spend 4.5 million dollars for each, elaborate, thirty-second Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) statement, to boost their “street cred” or increase their chances of getting into heaven.  Goodwill had to factor into the equation, but altruism no doubt took a back seat to analytics that confirmed that [...]

Culture Quests Summer 2017 Register Today!

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Culture Quests | Save-the-Dates!

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When Keeping it Real Went White

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“Are you going to cater to the whims and prejudices of people? We draw out from other people our own thought." ~ Susan B. Anthony By Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D. The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America did not divide our citizenry. We have been divided since Jamestown. The manipulation and degradation of poor Whites, genocidal treatment of Indigenous peoples, oppression of women, fear of non-Christians and foreigners, and original sin of chattel slavery, is the soil within which our noble but flawed experiment in Democracy was planted. Through constant education and fearless agitation, proponents of social justice have kept these poisonous weeds from [...]

Diamond Strategies’s Founder and CEO Accepts 2016 Arizona Diversity Alliance “Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award” Video

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Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker, Founder and CEO of Diamond Strategies, LLC. it the 2016 Arizona Diversity Alliance "Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award" winner. The DLA "is the premier Diversity Education organization in Arizona," which "provides thought provoking Diversity training, leadership guidance and continued support to help cultivate an inclusive community where each individual is valued and respected."

Diamond Strategies’ Founder and CEO Receives “Diversity/Inclusion Leader Award”

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October 29, 2016 Diamond Strategies is proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker, was given the distinguished "Diversity/Inclusion Leader Award," by the Arizona Diversity Leadership Alliance (DLA), during their 15th annual conference and awards luncheon yesterday, October 28, 2016.  The DLA "is the premier Diversity Education organization in Arizona," which "provides thought provoking Diversity training, leadership guidance and continued support to help cultivate an inclusive community where each individual is valued and respected." Following the ceremony, Dr. Whitaker expressed his deep gratitude to the DLA and his team at Diamond Strategies, particularly his wife and Senior Project Manager, Cassondra Whitaker, and his mother and Senior Project Manager, [...]

Diversity, Inclusion and “Political Correctness”

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"Political Correctness was coined by a slice of intelligentsia known to trivialize other people's injuries." ~ Cornel West By Rowdy Duncan and Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D. People often ask us why we've dedicated our lives to diversity and inclusion.  We've done it because we love the beauty that lies in multiplicity and because it enables us to see past the ordinary, standardized, and customary definitions of citizen, community, American, and human.  It empowers us to repel the deceptions, degradations, and controls that are often the handmaidens of homogeneity.  Diversity and inclusion illuminate the kaleidoscope of possibilities rooted in the dynamism of the human condition.  More often than not, those who query us [...]

Race, Religion and Cultural Competency

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“Historians are dangerous and capable of turning everything topsy-turvy.  They have to be watched.” ~ Nikita Khrushchev   By Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D. I have a Black Jesus t-shirt and I wear it regularly.  This will be particularly true during the upcoming Presidential election and holidays. Not because Jesus’ race is relevant to me, but because it is for others.  Specifically, his alleged Whiteness seems to be an immoveable pillar, upholding the racial and spiritual identity, and voting patterns, of millions, and this conflicts with his racially transcendent legacy and racial progress.  My t-shirt, therefore, is an open invitation to onlookers to rethink who Christus is, and why so many cling more [...]

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