John L. Jones, Jr.

Senior Advisor and Social Catalyst

John began his career with Arizona Youth Associates where he worked with the juvenile court system and a diverse cadre of troubled adolescents. He counseled youth with sex-offender convictions, substance abuse disorders, and mental health challenges. He is currently completing his Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling at Grand Canyon University, where he completed a B.A. in psychology. John is researching and executing a new philosophy on treating addiction that centers around a holistic approach which combines challenging conversation, physical activity, and healthy living. He is also working with Project eXcellence as the Mentorship Coordinator. In this role he is creating and implementing a virtual mentorship program for elementary students. In addition to his work in addiction counseling and mentoring, John has extensive experience in management and supervision in the corporate environment. He has coached, taught, and trained future leaders of corporate America for the past 14 years.