DSC provides transformational cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion training and leadership in community relations to our clients through a combination of keynote presentations that augment current efforts, overseeing robust and thematic workshops and training sessions, cultural competency training, one-on-one coaching, informational and bridge-building community forums, and other activities designed to provide the knowledge, skills, attitude, sensitivity, and resources that organizations need to engender healthy, positive, and effective cultures of collaborations within and beyond your organization.  No one does it better.

Our team offers adept researchers who have the rare capacity to assess our findings, understand their meaning, and communicate them effectively to academicians, business leaders, educators, students, and everyday people.  All of us are keenly aware of, and have deep interests in, many aspects of our culture.  We are outspoken, resourceful, and enterprising diversity and inclusion gurus, who are uniquely suited to help you and your institution.  We are particularly adept at communicating comfortably and effectively with people from many walks of life.  We are professional and collegial, and we do whatever it takes—putting in countless hours—in an effort to produce the best work possible.  Not surprisingly, we are devoted to issues that affect the everyday lives of people, particularly those who have been rendered marginal by virtue of their race, class, and gender. We have all of the skills and bona fides required and since attitude reflects leadership, we are as diverse as we advise our clients to be.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion, whether manifested in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, national origin, faith, physical ability or ideas, are our world’s greatest asset. Our passion at Diamond Strategies is helping small businesses and corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, municipalities and individuals, understand, embrace and leverage diversity, equity and inclusion to make themselves more happy, efficient, resilient, competitive, and successful at navigating our dynamic and constantly changing world. D&I fortifies and encourages us by embracing everyone’s perspectives and consistently compelling us to step outside of our comfort zones and customary modes of seeing, thinking, and doing. Indeed, our skilled leadership, combined with first-rate analytics and data-driven technology, will help your organization move the needle in the area of D&I and community relations.

Our clients are our partners and we are devoted to assisting them in building and retaining skilled and diverse personnel and student populations, and forging environments in which all of them have prospects for advancement. This is the work to which we have placed our hands, work that is all-inclusive and involves everything from helping clients build exemplary global workforces that value distinct worldviews and promote personal development and respect, to helping faith-based institutions built more inclusive followings, to aiding administrators and teachers in their efforts to help each of their students, regardless of their station, become college and career ready. Our efforts are a source of pride and motivation, and we are primed and eager to assist you.

globally experienced diversity and inclusion experts

Our mission is to be the catalyst our clients are looking for to assist them in creating inclusive, collegial, and successful environments, by providing innovative and effective strategies and tactics, that are tethered to their business plan and mission, to increase synergy, performance, productivity, profitability, brand optimization, and competitiveness.

Our vision is to answer the persistent call for a more inclusive and productive world, by deploying our experts to increase cultural competency and leverage  difference to create innovative office and educational environments.  

Our goal  is to be your diversity and inclusion partner in a larger effort to maximize our human and institutional potential.   The great sociologist, W.E.B. DuBois, wrote “there can be no perfect democracy curtailed by color, race or poverty, but with all we accomplish all.”  We at DSC believe that “with all we accomplish all”  

“In order to truly learn from another, we need perspective.  Dr. Matthew Whitaker and Diamond Strategies brings a deep well of knowledge, experience and perspective to their clients and the community.  I find his calm demeanor, insight and historical references the keys to unlocking the issues that surround the discussions race and leadership.”
Julia C. Patrick, CEO, Patrick Media Group