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“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and its music. Bodies never lie.”
—Agnes de Mille

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Register Now! ~ Spring and Summer Culture Quests:

By popular demand, we are hosting a second Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline Culture Quest!  Out first (pictured on the right) “sold out,” and many people have asked us to offer another one on a Saturday.  We are pleased to oblige due to the importance of the subject.  Please join us!  Education administrators, we urge you to participate and make it possible for those in your sphere to attend.

6/9  Understanding the School to Prison Pipeline II  8:00am – 12:00pm

The Anti-Defamation League defines the School-to-Prison Pipeline as “school policies and procedures that drive schoolchildren into a pathway that begins in school and ends in the criminal justice system. Behavior that once led to a trip to the principal’s office and detention, such as school uniform violations, profanity and ‘talking back,’ now often leads to suspension, expulsion, and/or arrest. Today, largely as a result of ‘zero tolerance’ policies, 3.3 million children are suspended or expelled from school each year, double the rate of the 1970s,” with black, disabled, and LGBTQ youth bearing the brunt of the disparity.

This Culture Quest will explain the school-to-prison pipeline and how to inoculate our youth against it. It will also explore the laws and rights that protect our students and caregivers against inequitable and unjust treatment, and the ways in which they can effectively organize and navigate the educational system to the benefit of our youth and educational equity and justice.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Mary Radcliffe, Diamond Strategies
Dr. Geraldine Peten, Arizona Legislature, District 4
Heather Hamel, Justice That Works

5/26  Hip Hop and American Culture  9:00am – 12:00pm

This Culture Quest examines how Hip Hop has transformed the world through musical fusion, rhetorical jousting, cultural innovation, entrepreneurialism, and political commentary. We will explore its origins, define the five elements that uphold it, and address the problems and promise which sets it apart.

“Hip Hop emerged as window into, and critique of, the criminalization, socio-economic isolation, negative perceptions of black youth, and has evolved into a multi-racial, multi-generational critique of rigid structures, classism, and authority .”  ~ Robin D.G. Kelly, Gary B. Nash Endowed Chair in U.S. History, UCLA.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

This Culture Quest explores the social, religious, and political, experiences of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered, Questioning/Queer community (LGBTQ) in America from colonization to the present, particularly the ways in which it resisted dehumanization and marginalization throughout ongoing agitation for freedom and equality.  We will explore religious dogma, violence and safety, family and relationships, migration processes, political activism, and the cultivation of LGBTQ organizations and leaders in the 20th and early 21st centuries, and associated protest movements, that have led to the emergence of LGBTQ life as a dynamic and powerful force in global society.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker, helped launch the Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSC) into 2018 with their 15th Annual Porch Party!  The, CSC, for which Dr. Whitaker serves as a member of their Board of Directors, wrote that “250 guests gathered at Cancer Support Community Arizona, on Saturday, April 21, to celebrate the re-launch of the 15th Annual Porch Party, which raised nearly $100,000. This 110-year-old historic campus, which provides free year-round emotional support to anyone impacted by cancer, brought back this powerful event after an 18-month hiatus, with brand new energy and enthusiasm to raise funds and provide hope for cancer patients and their loved ones.”

“Guests celebrated throughout the night and enjoyed an elegant evening under the stars and a canopy of bistro nights, in the shadow of the notable green Ina Levine House, that is iconic to Cancer Support Community Arizona and Porch Party. Catering was provided by North Restaurant and Fat Freddy’s Catering, with High Roller ticket guests enjoying a private VIP tequila bar. Porch Party guests also danced and placed their bets on one of the 20 blackjack, craps and roulette tables, and took their winnings to the Hope Raffle area where they had the chance to win trips to Mexico, a private dinner to 6 Degrees Urban Kitchen, one-a-kind art by Giai Tat, a ride along with one of the Valley’s finest police officers, and so much more.”

“For 15 years Porch Party has helped to advance the powerful mission of Cancer Support Community Arizona, to ensure that all people impacted with cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. All contributions raised before and during Porch Party support the estimated 3,000 individuals Cancer Support Community Arizona is expecting to serve in 2018, and efforts to expand emotional support services to Flagstaff/Coconino County and throughout Maricopa County.”  Please consider giving to the Cancer Support Community HERE!

Diamond Strategies consultants are distinguished and globally experienced diversity and inclusion experts, offering services to schools, non-profits, corporations, faith-based organizations, municipalities, and community groups.  We enable individuals and organizations to expand their horizons, and enhance their diversity and inclusion efforts, with timely, dynamic, and solutions-based learning.  Our goal is to be your partner in a larger effort to maximize our human and institutional potential.   Questions? Contact Diamond Strategies

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