Dr. Whitaker Serves as Master of Ceremonies for AZCEND Gala

“Inspiring, Achieving, and Celebrating Inclusion”

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By Diamond Strategies

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker served as the emcee for the Sprit of AZCEND Awards Gala. The event was held at Falls Event Center in Gilbert Arizona. “This year we start a new tradition to honor an individual who has made significant contributions to the under served in our community with dignity and respect,” AZCEND’s website proclaims. The evening “included [a plated] dinner, music, a silent auction, and a testimonial from a client who has received services at AZCEND. She explained how AZCEND helped her move from “in crisis” to” stability.”

The highlight of the evening featured Lori Dayton (pictured to the left of Dr. Whitaker) being given the inaugural Tracey Washington Spirit Award. The award is named after the late Tracey Washington, a longtime AZCEND employee who embodied the organization’s belief in servant leadership. Dayton “has served people all of her life between over twenty years with the US Army as a nurse, fifteen years with AZCEND in the food bank, and many years as a elder at her church, and an animal rescue advocate.” AZCEND writes. “She serves with excellence and respect and dignity. All of the values we hold with esteem.

Dr. Whitaker’s energy, passion, affirmation of servant leadership, and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and community, compliments the work of AZCEND, and his sensesense of humor and rhetorical skills, kept the program moving, guests entertained, and the urgency of AZCEND’s mission clearly articulated. Dr. Whitaker is an award-winning educator, entrepreneur, author, community engagement specialist, and speaker. Please consider enlisting his excellent emcee skills for your event and organization, and please support the desperately needed work of AZCEND.

Knowledge – Wit – Passion – Purpose… Our team, including Senior Project Manager, Cassondra Whitaker (pictured to the left), feature exceptional speakers and emcees, conduct workshops, and deliver keynote addresses on leadership, DE&I, social justice, strategic planning, and community relations, to associations, businesses, and institutions of all sizes around the world. All of our elite speakers kindle the fires of personal transformation and institutional innovation. With over 100 years of combined experience, coupled with natural ability, our outstanding speakers are keenly aware of, and have deep interests in, diversity and inclusion, business, education, technology, politics, international affairs, the arts, literature, leadership, popular culture, and sports, and they speak to these areas accessibly, articulately, and passionately.

Transfixed, edified, encouraged, inspired, and uplifted. These are just a few of the words that listeners have used to describe how they felt in the presence of our dynamic speakers. Our powerful and rhetorically gifted orators ignite and exhilarate conferences, electrify workshops, motivate students, and enrich faith-based services. Advancement begins with enlightenment and motivation. Sparkle with Diamond Strategies, energize your efforts, and inspire the change you wish to see.

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Questions? Contact Diamond Strategies





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