Diamond Strategies Conducts Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training at AZCEND


On Tuesday, August 1, Diamond Strategies, LLC conducted diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training for AZCEND (formerly the Chandler Food Bank), one of Arizona oldest and most important non-profits. “For the past 50 years,” the organization states, “AZCEND has been changing lives by nourishing minds and bodies. Since rapidly expanding services beyond the Food Bank to include Community Action Program, Family Resource Center, Chandler and Gilbert Senior Centers, and I-HELP (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program), AZCEND continues to change more lives in the Southeast Valley.”

AZCEND, in addition to understanding and meeting the needs of our vulnerable and under served, recognizes the persistent need to be culturally competent, and responsive to constantly changing demographics and the challenges and opportunities they engender. They understand that their social, economic, mental, and emotion triage demands awareness, and interventions that are universal yet tailored, nimble yet consistent, and dependent upon cohesive, happy, and productive leadership, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders. “This is why I was enlisted to conduct this training,” said Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker, Diamond Strategies‘ founder and CEO. “AZCEND knows that it is already at the cutting edge in relation to DEI and community engagement, and that they must remain vigilant and committed to a diverse and highly functional workforce, to remain at the vanguard of institutional effectiveness and life-changing social work. Those they serve also know this to be true, as do many of the people and organizations that support them.”

Dr. Whitaker’s training was very well received. So much so that he has been asked to return to facilitate AZCEND‘s entire staff development day. Please contact Diamond Strategies today to become your partner in inoculating your organization against stereotyping, implicit bias, fear, anxiety, micro-aggression, conflict, fragmentation, shrinkage, stagnation, turnover, inefficiency, loss in productivity and profitability, and meet the cultural, social, mental, emotional, and linguistic needs of your employees, clients/patients and stakeholders. Successful and sustainable organizations seek to understand and operationalize DEI. Also, be sure to learn more about and support AZCEND. Their work is needed more than ever.

2824 N. Power Rd. #113-461

Mesa, AZ 85215


Pictured above is the staff at AZCEND and Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker.


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