The Quest is Complete!

Diamond Strategies hosts Culture Quest for aspiring and established leaders.

Thomas McDonald of Brophy College Preparatory, and Anastacia Whitaker of Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, discuss the ways in which diversity and cultural competency fuel innovation.

On Saturday, June 24th, Diamond Strategies hosted its “Understanding Culture and Building Community” Culture Quest for aspiring and established leaders.  Held in the new and centrally located CityScape office tower, our Culture Quests are premier and intimate diversity, equity, and inclusion training opportunities for students, administrators, employees, managers, executives, and thought leaders, in the government, non-profit, corporate, education, and healthcare sectors.

Culture Quests were forged to offer organizations and community members robust explorations into the history and life of various peoples and related DEI matters at times that compliment their busy schedule.  Designed for individuals and organizations that wish to become culturally competent and up-to-speed with the most advanced knowledge in several thematic areas, Culture Quests are your opportunity to learn from top scholars and practitioners in familiar, intimate, and convenient settings.

Attendees enhance their knowledge base, expand their horizons, and increase their ability to lead and become architects of positive change as a result of the knowledge and cultural skill set Culture Quests help to advance.

Jonathan Londoño, Student Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, explores privilege with Culture Quest participants.

Laura Carpenter, attorney and CEO of Bula Intelligence, explores gendered, racial, and physical “blind spots” in inter-personal and inter-cultural communication during our Quest.

Kendra Krause, Vice Principal at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, unpacks her “Invisible Knapsack” with discussants during our recent Quest.










If you need to become more well-rounded, culturally aware, and engaged, if you are charged with creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, or if you need a bit of inspiration, turn to the best and shine with Diamond Strategies.

Pictured below are Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker, Founder and CEO of Diamond Strategies (Middle), members of our team, and some of our recent Culture Quest participants.

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