Rowdy Duncan is the Founder and Host of Inclusion Activism on Apple Podcasts.

Diamond Strategies‘ Founder and CEO, Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker discusses life, personal leadership, diversity, and inclusion, in this engaging interviewed (Part 1 of 3) with Rowdy Duncan on Inclusive Activism on Apple Podcasts.

INCLUSIVE ACTIVISM – This is Inclusive Activism Podcast – It comes from the idea love is an action word. We don’t just want to be enlightened to the reality of “ism” we want to DO something about it. To get active in the community and to learn about how to keep our learning ongoing. We never want to stop learning The purpose of the podcast is to learn and explore more with Diversity and Inclusion and how that relates to the concept of personal leadership. We want to learn more about how we can all be as inclusive as possible while also exploring personal leadership and how to be our best selves. I’m your host Rowdy – for all things related to the idea of Inclusion as well as how you can make your team better through the opportunity of inclusive and transformational leadership. This is a place and space for a deep dive into topics that are of concern to this community. Those of us who engage in the work and are staunchly Anti-“ist”

Rowdy Duncan has worked in the field of diversity and inclusion for over a decade.  He has lead peer Mentoring groups  that educate youth about drug prevention, educational success, and college and career readiness.  Rowdy completed director training from the Anytown/Ourtown programs and teaches young people and their leaders about power, privilege, equity, and inclusion.  An engaging and passionate presenter and facilitator, Rowdy is also a Senior Advisor and Trainer for Diamond Strategies, LLC., the Director of Paradise Valley Community College’s Diversity, Inc., a program that teaches students how to present the MOSAIC inclusiveness program, an active member of the Healing Racism Public Dialogue Series, winner of the 2008 National League of Cities Promoting Inclusive Award, and a member of the Cherokee and Pueblo Indian Nations.  He was also a 2014 winner of the Arizona Diversity Alliance’s Diversity Champion Award.

Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker is an award-winning educator, author, community engagement specialist, motivational speaker, Editor-in-Chief of MCUVO!CE, and founder the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, winner of the 2014 Arizona Diversity Leadership Alliance (DLA) Inclusive Workplace Award, at Arizona State University, where is was a professor of history for 16 years.  Most recently he was given DLA’s 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award.  He has edited three books, including Hurricane Katrina: America’s Unnatural Disaster, and he is the author of Race Work: The Rise of Civil Rights in the Urban West.  He is currently completing a memoir entitled The Undisputed Truth: A Revolutionary Journey to Black Manhood.  He can be followed here and on Twitter at @MCUVOICE, @Dr_Whitaker and DSC can be followed on Twitter at @dstategiesllc.

Feature Photo: Rowdy Duncan (second from the left) and Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker (to his immediate right), and their Healing Racism Public Dialogue Series peers, at Phoenix College, April, 2013. Photo: Luis Colon, Colon Photography