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Editor’s Voice

By Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D.

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My interviewing Aaron McGruder, cartoonist, screenwriter, director, and visionary creator of The Boondocks and Black Jesus. Photo: Personal Collection

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the trailblazing and visionary team at as a partner and Editor-in-Chief of MCU VO!CEMCU VO!CE is the narrative platform of MyClickUrban, our “Grio,” or storytelling, praise singing, poetic and melodic soul. is the best mobile solution for your urban lifestyle agenda. Our app, website, and VO!CE, are the convenient “go to” destinations for urbanites “on the go.”

MCU VO!CE relaunches today under my direction, and while our aesthetic and message remains the same, you will find a number of new pieces today, and a more diverse and consistent menu of offerings going forward.   You will sill be able to find and post events for those with urban interests and/or urban lifestyles…via the website and mobile app (available on iOS and Android), but visit MCU VO!CE for the most current thought leadership and news from our revised list of thematic areas, including our “Editor’s VO!CE,”  “Culture and Entertainment,” “Education and Philanthropy,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Fitness and Sport,” “Politics and Activism,” “Service,” our featured “Spotlight” and “Press,” to stay “#HellaWoke.”


The founders of Ogun, the parent company of, and the my partners, from left to right, James Lewis, Chad Hunter, Lasana Hotep, and Alonzo Jones.

MyClickUrban (MCU) is as multi-dimensional and broad-minded as its urban users. Since your tastes are not limited, neither is the app, our website or our VO!CE. Like MCU, MCU VO!CE has something for everyone who “Needs to Know.” MyClickUrban takes you from “I’m Bored” to “I’m There.” Even as we have a specific vision for MCW VO!CE, I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Our goal is to forge a new platform for the exchange of information on all things urban. I encourage those of you who are active and engaged in your community to submit original perspectives, counsel, and thought leadership in the focus areas I have outlined. We reflect and are a part of a larger community, and we need and seek your VO!CE.

IMG_2073Our times are quickening. Our demographics are changing. Our challenges are inextricably linked.   Yet, our strengths, rooted in our culture of communalism, innovation, improvisation, struggle, strife and strides toward freedom and fulfillment, are many and uniquely tethered to our past, present, and future. MCU VO!CE will reflect the dynamism or our urban advance and we welcome you to follow, join, and share the movement.

Photo: Sierra Blanco Photography

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Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker is the Editor-in-Chief of MCUVO!CEMyClickUrban.  He is also the Founder and CEO of the Diamond Strategies, LLC (DSC) and the 2016 Arizona Diversity Leadership Alliance (DLA) Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award winner. A decorated educator, author, activist, motivational speaker, and founder of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, and winner of the 2014 DLA Inclusive Workplace Award, at Arizona State University.  He can be followed here and on Twitter at @MCUVOICE, @Dr_Whitaker and DSC can be followed on Twitter at @dstategiesllc.